Will Sergey Brin take the Google Glass challenge?

We might get to see the inner workings of Google and how Sergey lives if he takes up the challenge proposed by Dutch Blogger P. van Lenth.

Dear Mr Brin,

I propose you do another experiment, but this time you will be the target of the Google Glass wearers. To be specific, you will be surrounded by several wearers, all being unknown to you, and all observing you. The experiment will last for at least one whole week and will not be limited to a single spot or hour of the day. Moreover, all data that the devices collect must be stored on the internet and be easily available to us all. This is the challenge I hope you will accept.


P. van Lenth


Read the full article in English here and in Dutch here


12 thoughts on “Will Sergey Brin take the Google Glass challenge?

  1. So, the next question in an interview should be: “Mister Schmidt, I assume you will also agree that Google Glass and similar devices should similarly be regulated due to privacy concerns?!”

    • Peter, I assume you don’t know that:
      a) Google Glass is fairly noticeable (even though it’s small),
      b) You activate it using a voice command,
      c) It glows when recording video,
      d) It is not remote-controlled.

      a) can have the size and appearance of a dragonfly
      b) can be activated remotely

      • (a) The issue is with the form factor in general rather than just the current Google Glass prototype. Google Glass is simply the highest profile member of the category and thus the device which is most likely to normalize routinely wearing cameras. Once this is accepted it will not be possible to object to variations.

        (b) The wearable nature encourages recording while moving and in situations where it would not normally be expected. The wearer happens to be recording as opposed to acting as a camera man. This significantly reduces the social cues and restrictions on recording and replaces them with a subtle light.

        (c) Glass is more akin to a terminal dependent on the Google mainframe than a personal computing device under the complete control of the owner. Everything shared with any contact or 3rd party app passes through Google and hence private communication is not possible. Further while we are not suggesting Google does or will control it remotely – it would certainly seem possible in theory.

        (d) Schmidt was not objecting to domestic use of drones by government or large corporations but rather to use of drones by individual civilians. And indeed Google may intend to use drones themselves http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/08/09/google_drone/

      • “Everything shared with any contact or 3rd party app passes through Google and hence private communication is not possible”

        No, it passes through Google servers if you use GTalk, but WhatsApp servers if you use WhatsApp, FB servers if you use FB, etc.

        Concerning the Register, it’s the News Of the World of tech and not a reliable source in any way. You might as well quote the Onion.

    • Basically I would be more sympathetic if it weren’t for all this attention seeking. Also it would go a much longer way, I think if you started something like polls, a forum for discussion. What bothers me the most, is that lack of debate and total focus and posturing.

      • That’s understandable but site is a polemic. This is necessarily so as to combat equally unbalanced advertising.

        We would be more than happy to see a neutral debate or analysis elsewhere but it would take up a lot of time to manage a discussion forum. Moderating would be a full time job.

    • Polemic is only going to entrench the positions. The logical flaw in your plan is, that you acknowledge Google’s superior marketing and advertising. But do you really think that they are going to even consider listening to you, when you (try to) rain on their parade? You might reach some people with this stile of blog, but so what? You can’t strong arm Google. I am not saying we should bow down to them, but we all are kind of dependent on their good will. And if there main concern shifts from product usability to covering their ass legally from 100 different angles, then we all are at a loss.


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