"Stop The Cyborgs" was born as a response to the convergence of wearable technology and the vast realm of 'big data.' Its core mission revolves around preventing a future where privacy becomes an elusive concept, where the iron grip of surveillance, calculation, and control infiltrates every facet of our lives.

In the realm of traditional photography, the act of taking a picture is a clearly defined action. The social signal is unmistakable – you are taking a photo, assuming the role of the camera operator. However, when we transition to wearable technology like Glass, Autographer, or Memoto, the boundaries blur. There is no discernible change in physical stance, and the person behind the device remains in the same role; you just happen to be recording.

The fundamental issue here is not the act of covert recording, as spy cameras have long existed, and the current generation of Google Glass is not particularly well-suited for covert operations. Instead, the primary concern lies in how wearable devices normalize the pervasive presence of surveillance in our society. They cultivate an environment where we anticipate being under constant scrutiny, where each moment is shared, documented, and subject to data-mining.

A second critical issue arises from wearable technology's propensity to blur the lines between people and technology, individuals and institutions. When a corporation becomes an extension of an individual's body, every decision is mediated and influenced. This erodes the moral agency of the individual, and the freedom of society is at risk when every action becomes subject to monitoring and gamification.

The threat posed by this phenomenon extends far beyond privacy; it encompasses our very liberty, notions of fairness, and the pursuit of justice. The peril lies in the potential for us to be governed, not by an overt dictatorship, but rather insidiously, by authority embedded within the design of techno-social systems. It's a form of totalitarianism that remains hidden because it takes shape in the guise of code, electronic devices, and feedback loops – a perilous reality where surveillance and control are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our lives.