Google Glass ban signs

You can download the following images (Free for non-commercial use and free for use in commercial ventures like cafes, bars, restaurants and blogs or news articles provided you are not selling the images themselves.) Click here to Download signs in pdf format or Click on the images below to download png versions with a transparent background. Put them up to ban people from wearing Google Glass and other wearable surveillance devices to help protect your privacy. If you are not sure if you qualify as non commercial use or would like support us. You can buy printed stickers, t-shirts and posters from the our store: Stop The Cyborgs Store

Why create Glass free zones?

We want to encourage as many places as possible to become  either ‘Surveillance free zones’ or ‘Highly intrusive surveillance free zones’:

  • As a practical act which creates areas free of surveillance or highly intrusive surveillance.
  • As a symbolic act showing concern for privacy.
  • As a way of exerting social pressure to establish norms around usage.
  • As a way of exerting market pressure to discourage people from buying and companies developing these systems.

Note there is a difference between:

  • Completely surveillance free zones which means areas where there is are no recording or surveillance devices at all.
  • Highly Intrusive surveillance free zones which are areas which are free of – audio recording; Glass like devices and intrusive CCTV – but where there might still be some local CCTV recording for example a Bank or Bar where the owner will use CCTV footage if a crime is committed but normally the data is destroyed within a few days.

Disability rights & assistive devices

Some people may need to use assistive aids for example:

  • A visually impaired person may choose to use a wearable camera to assist them with navigation or reading for example this device which looks very like Glass of Lifelogger but which doesn’t require a connection to the internet and is not a recording or datamining device.
  • Someone with Autism may choose to use a digital assistant that provides real-time assistance with reading faces during conversations.
  • Someone with memory problems may choose to use a device which assists their memory.

We ask that if you do ban Google Glass and similar devices from your property that you also respect the rights of such people and do not prevent them from using assistive devices where data remains within the control of the individual.

The issue as we have pointed out elsewhere is not the device itself but rather ownership, control and mutual respect. We need to ensure that people can fully control their own body including any technological parts and be assured that they are not acting against their wishes or interests.  We therefore urge the designers of devices to ensure that the needs of all people are taken into account and that the device itself and all data gathered by these devices are within the control of the individual and that unencrypted data is not stored or processed in the cloud. We would also press for a legal right to control your extended body including rights over all and any data gathered.

Obama Google Glass / Prism Mask

obama-glass-prism-label-628x1024Download and print the PDF here

Credit Aram Bartholl Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab

Stickers and t-shirts

The ban sign is free for non commercial use so feel free to print your own stuff but if you want to support us or don’t have a good quality color printer. You can now buy postcard sized Google glass ban signs ($2.30) ,  small (3” x 4”) Stop the Cyborgs stickers($2.30) and t-shirts($22.50) from our store.

Stop The cyborgs Store

Stop The cyborgs Store