StealthGenie the app “expressly designed for use by stalkers and domestic abusers”

Ars reports that the chief executive officer of a mobile spyware maker was arrested over the weekend, charged with allegedly illegally marketing an app that monitors calls, texts, videos, and other communications on mobile phones “without detection,”

Can we look forward to `Sandy’ Pentland, Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos,  Riccardo (Candy crush) Zacconi, and whoever the CEO of PassTime is, being arrested next? After all they collect even more personal and location data.

Unfortunately not – they were smart enough to get you to agree to a privacy policy you didn’t read or understand in order to get a job, buy a car, talk to your friends or play some addictive game. This guy was stupid enough to advocate putting it on other people’s devices without their permission. If he had marketed it as a “fun program“, “a system for ensuring your children are safe” or “advanced find my phone” rather than advocating surreptitious installation it would still be in the app store.