#CyborgUnplug pre-orders are now available at https://plugunplug.net

 Cyborg Unplug can now be pre-ordered at https://plugunplug.net

Cyborg Unplug is an anti wireless-surveillance system for the home and workplace. It detects and kicks selected devices known to pose a risk to personal privacy from your wireless network, breaking uploads and streams. Detected wireless devices currently include: wearable ‘spy’ cameras and microphones, Google Glass and Dropcam, small drones/copters and a variety of popular spy devices disguised as familiar objects.instruction03

€52.- (ca. $66.-)


2.4Ghz detector and disconnector
Detects and disables most common classes of wireless surveillance device
LED alert
Anonymously sends emails (iOS) and alerts to smartphone app (Android). Free App.
EU and US plug standards